Is It Good to Do Distance B Tech After Diploma?

After a Diploma, pursuing a Distance B. Tech degree is an excellent alternative for people seeking not only an in-depth understanding of the discipline but also excellent professional chances. After Diploma, pursuing a Distance B. Tech will considerably improve an individual’s employment prospects.

After completing a Diploma program, a candidate can pursue a B.Tech degree. This would aid a candidate in gaining a thorough understanding of the specialization in which he or she has completed a Diploma degree. If a candidate chooses to pursue a B.Tech following Diploma after successfully completing the course, he or she will be granted lateral entry into the second year of the Distance B.Tech program.

What is Distance B.Tech Degree

Distance BTech after Diploma helps you to take off your career as you will be subjected to a higher salary, better job positions and also opens up the way to pursue higher education. 

Also after Diploma, you will gain the Distance B.Tech at a faster rate because you will go directly into the second year and saves you a year of time. 

B.Tech Distance is one of India’s various technical education alternatives. You can apply for B.Tech Distance if you want to become an engineer. The program permits you to enroll in B.Tech programs at several engineering institutes in India as early as the second year of a regular B.Tech program. Students who have finished their engineering diploma program are eligible to apply for B.Tech Distance Education admission

B.Tech Distance Education students follow a different path than standard B.Tech students, whether it’s in terms of course preparation or admissions. All information on B.Tech Distance Education Programs, entrance exams, selection process, curriculum, and employment opportunities following B.Tech Distance Education in this blog. 

Key Highlights of Distance B.Tech

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] is a common degree in India. B.Tech is a professional degree that was previously solely offered on-campus. Methods and standards have evolved, and a professional degree can now be earned via online & distance learning. Here are some of the University’s Key Highlights:

  • AICTE, UGC, and NAAC approvals
  • Eligibility: A diploma in a relevant field is required.
  • 3-year duration
  • Fees: 241000 for a full-time position
  • Mechanical, CS, Electronics, Automobile, and Civil Engineering are some of the specializations available.

How do I get a B.Tech after completing my Diploma?

When we consider the current situation, students who have completed their Diploma and B. Tech programs have numerous benefits. Those students who want to pursue a B. Tech program following Diploma can do so through one of two routes. A lateral entrance examination or direct entry can be used to get admission to a B. Tech program.

If a student applies for lateral entry, he or she will be admitted immediately to the second year of the B. Tech program. It’s important to understand that the lateral entry exam is administered at the state level. At the time of counseling, the student can select a college from inside the state based on their exam score. Seats are reserved in the majority of engineering colleges for students who wish to enter through lateral entry. The IITs, on the other hand, do not allow lateral entry.

Students interested in studying B. Tech following Diploma can take national or state-level engineering entrance exams to get admission to B. Tech programmes. Also, the students can directly apply to the university if they qualify the minimum criteria that are set by the university. 

B.Tech Distance Education Eligibility Criteria

Distance B.Tech allows you to work and study at the same time. Students who wish to enroll in the Distance BTech Program must meet certain basic requirements.

A diploma in the relevant discipline in which the candidate wishes to study B.Tech is required. The Diploma enables students to enter the second year of a B.Tech degree without any prerequisites. The Distance B.Tech Program at Lingayas Vidyapeeth does not require an entrance exam. Also Find: What Is B Tech Correspondence? 2021 Guide.

B.Tech Distance Duration

Because the students enrolled in the program have completed their diplomas, they are immediately enrolled in the second semester of the technical degree program. As a result, the Distance B.Tech degree takes three years to complete.

The Distance B.Tech program is organized into six semesters, each of which lasts six months. The practical and theoretical parts of the program are completed in three years, and you will graduate with industrial knowledge and high-level theory.

Distance B.Tech Specialization

An undergraduate program is a bachelor’s degree in technology earned in Distance Mode. It is essentially an engineering curriculum that any aspirant interested in pursuing engineering after intermediate can enroll in. Distance B.Tech allows you to complete the program at your own pace and in your own place.

It provides a diverse range of specialty fields as well as a variety of work and career opportunities. Lingayas Vidyapeeth offers the following top specializations:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

Regular B.Tech vs B.Tech Distance Education: Which is Better?

Both programs are deemed similar in the market when it comes to job changes. B.Tech Lateral Entry students are given the same possibilities and places as standard B.Tech graduates.

According to several experts, Lateral Entry students can benefit greatly from the practical and fundamental topic understanding earned in an engineering diploma. Students pursuing B.Tech in trades such as Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering may find this to be an extra benefit. Also Read: B Tech Evening vs B Tech Distance – Which One Is Approved?

Advantages of B.Tech after Diploma

A number of students pursue B. Tech following Diploma for a variety of reasons. Because of the syllabus, students gain a deeper understanding of the topics in which they are interested. Those who know which fields they want to follow can benefit greatly from combining a Diploma course with a B. Tech program.

For instance, a student interested in civil engineering who is pursuing a Diploma course will understand structural drawing better than a B. Tech student or a mechanical student will have more practical knowledge than a regular B. Tech student because the former spend more time in the machine lab understanding the practical aspects.

Similarly, a CSE student will learn C, C++, Java, and Advanced Java, whereas a B. Tech student may not learn anything about Advanced Java because it is not covered in the curriculum; consequently, a student who has completed a diploma will have a better understanding than a standard B. Tech student. 

Diploma students will already have a better comprehension of certain subjects than their ordinary peers. In the first year, a variety of subjects are taught, some of which are completely irrelevant to the final specialization, therefore students with Diploma can skip these classes.

Job Opportunities after completing Distance B.Tech Degree after Diploma

Those who completed B.Tech after Diploma have a bright future ahead of them since there are numerous career prospects in both the public and private sectors. Some companies, believe it or not, prefer to hire a Diploma to pass out individuals over Basic engineering students. Product developer, service engineer, assistant designer, analysts, junior engineer, and many other positions are available to polytechnic applicants. Also Learn About What Is Online B Tech? Is it Approved for Diploma Holders?

Candidates who completed Diploma B. Tech following Diploma can work for the Indian Railways, BHEL, the Airport Authority of India, the Power Grid, and the Electricity Department, among other government agencies. Diploma students can work for firms such as Bombay Dyeing, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, HCL, Infosys, Siemens, and others in the private sector.

According to the Supreme Court of India, Distance Education for B Tech is invalid. Distance  B Tech, on the other hand, has the largest search volumes on the internet, which Lingayas Vidyapeeth has covered. The goal of covering distance b tech is to raise awareness of its ineffectiveness, not to promote it. By no means does Lingayas Vidyapeeth encourage or provide B tech distance education.


⭐What should I do after my Diploma?

Following Diploma, you can pursue higher education in your field. Then you can enroll in a three-year graduation program or an engineering program. You will have more job opportunities as a result of this. Through the lateral entrance scheme, you can enroll in the second year of B Tech or B.E. in engineering institutes.

⭐Is my course valid for government or private job applications?

Your certifications are acceptable in all private organizations and can be attested by government entities because Lingayas Vidyapeeth is a government-approved university.

⭐Is my degree or certificate recognized for study or employment in another country?

Yes, your degree certificates will be valid for both study and employment in other countries.

Lingayas Vidyapeeth

The Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth has been accredited by NAAC and offers UGC, AICTE approved B tech, to working professionals and diploma and m tech for working professionals through its special weekend classes.

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