M.Tech ECE Engineering
Course 2023

( Duration : 2 Years )

The Department of Electronics and communication is one of the widest departments in terms of faculty, students, and activities in various directions. It has highly qualified, sincere, experienced faculty and state of art laboratories and infrastructures.

Admissions Open 2023
For M.Tech (ECE Engineering)

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Why Lingayas Vidyapeeth?

Why Us?

  • The Vidyapeeth has highly qualified, experienced, sincere and dedicated teaching faculty members, actively participating in research and consultancy work.
  • Labs are having state of art facility for the experimental work in the related area.
  • Lingayas Vidyapeeth is sincere in providing quality education to the students.
  • Its singular objective and mission is to facilitate and promote Studies and Research

Life at Vidyapeeth

  • Lingayas Vidyapeeth is fully Wi-Fi enabled.
  • The Book Bank facility is available for all the students.
  • Free Medical facilities for students.
  • Transportation and Residence facilities.
  • Digital classrooms providing technology enabled learning environment.
  • Sports and gym facility.

Corporate Relation & Placement Assistant

  • Tie-ups with more than 100 companies.
  • Focus on future opportunities enrichment.
  • Always works for betterment of students and secure their career.
  • Exclusive Session from industry experts.


- Distinguished Faculty


- Alumni


- Hiring partners

Program Overview

M.Tech ECE Engineering

  • M.Tech ECE Engineering is a 2-year post-graduate program. ECE Engineering are the need for real-time operations, cost-effective and trustworthy maintenance that increases the demand for hardware and software. ECE Engineering Programme is the study of technology combined with hardware and software.
  • The Department of Electronics and Communication is one of the widest departments in terms of faculty, students, and activities in various directions. It has highly qualified, sincere, experienced faculty and state of art laboratories and infrastructures.
  • This department aims to produce top-quality professional engineers to compete internationally and do effective research and implement that research on the growth of technology.
  • The Department of Electronics and Communication enhances the understanding and application of electronic and communication principles of technology combined with hardware and software, for the development of the country, and improves the quality, through teaching and research.
  • In recent years, the world of Electronic and Communication has changed under the influence of advanced computational tools, vastly improved simulation and analysis, and entirely different manufacturing methods. This has opened up a new era of research in the department, such as Robotics and Mechatronics, Knowledge Management, Operations Management, Control Engineering.


The idea of Lingayas University is to provide you a good quality of education with the latest revised curriculum and technology to have a better career option and growth in the electronics and communication industry.


  • To enhance the knowledge of students through quality education which can develop skills, inculcate values, and improve research with innovative methods.
  • To generate new concepts in learning by engaging research and development in electronics and communication engineering
  • To enlighten you with new technologies and advancement for better career options and deep knowledge of the subject matter.
  • To motivate the students for understanding, analyzing, and solving the industrial and societal problems around them.

Programme Features

The main features of the M.Tech ECE Engineering Program:

  • The programme [M.Tech ECE Engineering] is of 4 semesters with classes in the weekends and holidays (during the daytime). Practicals are held each Saturday.
  • MTech in ECE Engineering will demonstrate the ability to examine the causes and effects on hardware, software, processes, and systems via knowledge, talent, and attitude. It aids in instilling the capacity to pursue a profession in the rapidly evolving fields of electronics and communication.
  • The curriculum is focused on the growth of electronic technology and the communication sector. Telecom, industrial, mobile technology, automation, and home automation are just a few examples.
  • Quizzes, assignments, mid-semester, and end-of-semester examinations are used to evaluate student performance during the semester. Students learn how to improve their technical abilities in order to increase their professional worth.
  • The findings of the evaluation are communicated to students in order to assist them in improving their performance. The program's teachings will assist students in developing and implementing new technology solutions.
  • The knowledge and skill to evaluate the cause and effects on electronics elements, processes, and systems would be enhanced in VLSI postgraduates studying electronics engineering. Interested in a career in electronics or a similar sector.

Outcomes of the program

  • Masters’ degree in the ECE Engineering will illustrate the knowledge of designing the products and producing good quality of materials as per the requirement, also providing manpower to have a better outcome in both hardware and software. It is all concerned with the advancement in the technology of electronics and the communication industry. Such examples are Telecom, Industrial, Mobile technology, Automation, Home Automation, etc.
  • Mtech in ECE Engineering will exemplify the knowledge, skill, and attitude to analyze the cause and effects on hardware, software, processes, and systems. It helps in inculcating the ability to make a career in increasing technology in electronics and communication.

Program Objectives

Objectives of the M.Tech ECE Engineering Program

Learning Methodology

Objectives of the M.Tech ECE Engineering Program

  • The classes are scheduled such that they do not interfere with work schedules. In the classroom, students engage with skilled teachers. weekend, and holiday classes are available (during the daytime).
  • MTech's Working Professional programmes place a strong emphasis on the practical application of theory. Experiential Learning is emphasised in this course, which helps students to apply academic principles in real-world settings. Every Saturday, there are practicals.
  • Lingaya's University's revised curriculum reflects the most recent technological advancements. Through a Learning Management System, students may access learning content in a variety of media, including text, video lectures, and audio, at any time and from anywhere.
  • Quizzes, assignments, mid-terms, and semesters are used to assess students continuously throughout their degrees. Students are informed of the evaluation results in order to help them improve their performance.
  • Students will complete a semester-long comprehensive project work under the supervision of a mentor and supervisor, using the different ideas learned in the classrooms and labs.

Eligibility Criteria for M.Tech ECE Engineering Engineering Course

Qualification for M.Tech ECE Engineering Engineering

  • B.Tech/B.E (At least 50% Marks)
  • B.Sc+M.Sc (At least 50% Marks) (Relevant Stream) [*Only in Computer Science]
  • BCA+MCA (At least 50% Marks) (Relevant Stream)
  • NOC / Joining-Letter / Experience-Letter

Age Limit for M.Tech ECE Engineering Engineering

No age limit is prescribed for Admission

Master of Technology (

Earn a UGC & AICTE-recognised Master of Technology ( degree from Lingaya's Vidyapeeth

  • Learn from the best faculty and industry experts.
  • Become a part of the Lingaya's Vidyapeeth Alumni network.
  • Build job-ready skills to get ready for the workforce.
lingayas mtech ECE Engineering prgram

Lab Facilities for M.Tech ECE Engineering Program

Syllabus for M.Tech ECE Engineering Course

M.Tech ECE Engineering Programme
S. No.Course NameL-T-PCr.Course Code
1Numerical Techniques3-1*-04MA-501-A
2Advanced Microprocessor3-1*-04EC-518-A
3Embedded System and applications3-1*-04EC-511-A
4Digital System Design3-1*-04EC-510-A
5Digital System Design Lab0-0-22EC-560-A
6Advanced Microprocessor Lab0-0-22EC-556-A
M.Tech ECE Engineering Programme
S. NO.Subject NameL T PCreditsCourse Code
1General and special purpose digital signal processors3-1*-04EC-601-A
2Advanced Embedded system3-1*-04EC-519-A
3Embedded system for wireless and mobile communications3-1*-04EC-520-A
4Hardware software Co-design3-1*-04EC-521-A
5Elective – I3-0-03
6DSP processors and application Lab0-0-22EC-651-A
7Advanced Embedded system Lab0-0-22EC-557-A
9Minor Project0-0-63EC-657-A
M.Tech ECE Engineering Programme
S. No.Course NameL-T-PCr.
1Embedded control system3-1*-04
2Microcontroller System Design and applications3-1*-04
3Mixed Signal Embedded system3-1*-04
4Elective – I I3-0-03
5Microcontroller System Lab0-0-22
7Dissertation Preliminary **0-0-15(5)
M.Tech ECE Engineering Programme
S. No.Course NameL-T-PCr.
3Teaching Practice-I***2
4Teaching Practice-II2

Faq for M.Tech ECE Engineering Program

Students interested in pursuing an MTech in Electronics Engineering should consider VLSI and Embedded Technology.

Students can work as an Electronics Engineer, Production Manager, Electronics Hardware Development Engineer, Network Specialist, Electronics and Communications Engineer, Data Analyst, and other jobs in a range of commercial and government organisations after receiving an M. Tech in ECE.

In the United States, MTech and MS degrees are highly valued. You will get access to all major research initiatives as well as employment possibilities in India with an MTech degree.

Who Should APPLY?

  • Highly determined and ambitious B.Tech/ BE engineers who are employed and wish to obtain an engineering degree.
  • Experienced B.Tech/ BE engineers who wish to acquire current and emerging knowledge and skills to advance their career.

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Weekend classes

A student interacts with expert faculty in classrooms. Classes are held in weekends and holidays (during the day time).

Practical’s are held on each Saturday. The lab is having state of the art facility for the experimental work in the related area.

Students access learning the material in various formats: text, video lecture, audio anytime from everywhere through a learning management system.

Student’s performance is assessed continuously throughout the semester by quiz, assignments, mid-semester and comprehensive exams. The assessment results are shared with the students to improve their performance.

Final semester student’s carry out a project work applying the various concepts learned in classrooms and labs under the guidance of a mentor.

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