What Is a Part Time M Tech Course? Is It Valid? – Guide 2022


The course is highly suitable for those with a background in science and technology. Graduates of B.Tech engineering programmes are well-prepared to pursue master’s degrees in that or other fields. A lot of colleges offer the course in a number of formats, giving the students a plethora of possibilities. Students commend the university’s personnel and infrastructure for being interesting and well-liked.

What Is Part Time M Tech?

Some of the world’s most prestigious universities offer part-time M.Tech programmes in specific fields. The part-time M.Tech is a programme which has been especially structured in a way that the individual with a full-time job can have an advantage.

Students should keep in mind, however, that a Master’s in Technology is one of those degrees that cannot be matched for value when finished online. As a result, it can’t be done over the internet or remotely. Also Find: What is the Syllabus in M.Tech? – Guide 2021

How is the Part Time Degree in M.Tech considered? – Guide 2022

Inquiries about distance learning options in the M.Tech program are common. While we investigate further, there is one thing that every child should be aware of. For master’s degrees in technology, the AICTE does not allow distance learning. As a result, it is no longer relevant, and colleges no longer offer it as a distance learning option.

The idea of a part-time degree still goes on and offers a very high range of opportunities in the field. This source of learning has been set up necessarily for the working professionals and other students who have so much on their plate right now. The engineers who wish to work along with studying for a better qualification can go for the part-time course.

It is better for the students to have a good research before they enter into any college or university of their choice. Well recognised universities will offer a finely structured course with a lot of other opportunities in hand.

Course Duration of M Tech Part Time Course

Master’s of Technology (M.Tech) is a two-year postgraduate degree. After completing their four-year undergraduate degree in B.Tech. or any other relevant course, students can pursue M.Tech.

M.Tech distance education is not valid, and it turns out that it is the only course that is not suitable for distance learning. But don’t worry; if you get a degree in working professionals from a reputable college, it’s highly possible that you’ll be regarded with respect.

Before getting into anything, students should ensure that the university offering M.Tech is recognised by the UGC and NAAC and has been accepted and accredited with an A grade.

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Eligibility Criteria for Part Time M Tech Program 2022

The candidates willing to apply for M.Tech must keep in touch with the following eligibility requirements:

  • Students must have scored at least a percentile of 50-55% in any stream that is relevant or equivalent.
  • In addition, a graduation from an accredited university is required.

Every student pursuing a Master’s degree in Technology must meet these two criteria. Students should remember that strong marks are required in order to get admitted into a good university that matches their needs. Candidates’ grades not only classify them, but also assist them in achieving their goals.

Lingayas University offering Part time M Tech Degree in Delhi NCR

Lingaya’s University has proven to be one of the best universities for working professionals, offering M.Tech programmes. The university offers specialisations in a variety of fields, giving students a wide range of alternatives to choose from.

We’ve finally reached a conclusion

We are here to help you solve all of your problems because career is something that causes all of us to become confused. Students should keep in mind that if their minds are clear, they will have a clear vision of where they want to settle. We hope we were able to answer any questions or concerns you may have had. It can be difficult to choose the best institution and course for oneself, but make certain you get the best. It is critical to remember that determining what one wants to do with one’s life is the first step toward happiness.

It is possible to choose the best college for oneself if sufficient research and attention is performed. Part-time degrees are available for those who have a bunch of things to settle but they do not want their studies to come in between. It all comes to a place where everything seems to have made its way straight into the direction you wanted, it just needs a little bit of care and steps that are taken with full confidence. Apply today for- M Tech For Working Professionals Course In Delhi NCR.

Lingayas Vidyapeeth

The Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth has been accredited by NAAC and offers UGC, AICTE approved B tech, to working professionals and diploma and m tech for working professionals through its special weekend classes.

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