What Is B Tech Distance Education? Is It Valid? – 2022 Guide

What is B.Tech Distance Education?

A B. Tech degree, whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, will catapult your career to new heights. What if you can’t make it to regular B. Tech? You can get a B. Tech distance education degree if you are a working professional who is unable to attend a traditional B. Tech college. B Tech distance education is an undergraduate program in engineering that is offered via distance education to applicants who are interested in pursuing a career in engineering. 

The course of Distance B. Tech is best suited for the individuals who are unable to pursue regular Colleges due to the extra added responsibility of Job. For students who have done a Diploma in the relevant field and are working at the junior engineer level, this course is a golden opportunity to revamp job status and salary. 

Distance education for diploma holders in B Tech (Bachelor of Technology) is far more cost-effective, allowing students who desire to pursue a career in engineering but are unable to do so due to financial restraints to do so B.Tech distance education is divided into several specializations, the most notable of which are b tech Mechanical distance education, b tech Electrical distance education, b tech Electronics distance education, b tech Computer Science distance education, and b tech Civil distance education.

There are numerous employment prospects accessible after completing a Distance B Tech, and one’s career can take off in leaps and bounds. After graduating with a distant B.Tech, you can pursue higher education such as M.Tech and B.Tech. Professionals who do not have a bachelor’s degree might improve their wages and status by adding a B Tech distance education degree to their portfolio.

Is B. Tech Distance Education Valid?

If a student wants to pursue a profession in the technical field, he must first obtain a B Tech degree. As remote education advances, every undergraduate and postgraduate degree is now offered in a distance or online format. However, the main concern is whether or not b tech distance education is valid.

Distance education for B Tech is invalid. The Supreme Court of India and the AICTE have deemed B Tech distance education to be invalid. As a result, b tech online or distance education is ineffective since it necessitates good labs and training, which cannot be obtained without attending regular classes.

The institutes that offer B.Tech distance education are ineffectual because the degree is worthless and is nothing more than a piece of paper. Because this degree is meaningless, you will be unable to pursue higher education in any subject.

Supreme Court Decision on Distance B. Tech

The Supreme Court ruled that distance BTech is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court stated in its judgment that Btech distance education is not genuine and that no university or school can authorize it. According to the Supreme Court, the Btech curriculum includes practical subjects that play a significant part in the curriculum. As a result, the Supreme Court declared the distance Btech to be invalid.

The AICTE and the UGC have both deemed b tech distance education to be invalid as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision. The Supreme Court ruled that no college or university can offer b tech courses without the consent of the AICTE.

AICTE Policy on B.Tech Distance Education 2022

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) was established by Parliament to ensure that the technical education system in India is properly planned and developed. It is in charge of the technical education system’s promotion, quality enhancement, and correct preservation of norms and standards, as well as any topics related to it. Currently, the AICTE allows technical education to be delivered using a hybrid or blended learning paradigm.

There are two aspects to maintaining technical education standards delivered through blended learning. The first is the method through which the courses/programs are delivered (via blended learning), and the second is the quality and relevancy of the course’s material. The AICTE has recently established rules and regulations for the delivery of Technical Education via blended learning.

Key Highlights of Distance B.Tech

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] is one of India’s most popular degrees. B.Tech is a professional degree program that was formerly only available on-campus.

However, methods and standards have changed, and a professional degree can now be obtained through distance learning. Here are some of the Key Highlights University: 

 – Approvals: AICTE, UGC, NAAC 

 – Eligibility: Diploma in Relevant Field 

 – Duration: 3 Years 

 – Fees: 241000 for Full Time 

 – Specializations: Mechanical, CS, Electronics, Automobile, Civil Engineering

B.Tech Distance Education Eligibility Criteria

Distance B.Tech is a course that allows you to continue your job as well as studies simultaneously. There are minimum eligibility criteria for the students to enroll in the Distance BTech Program. Also Find: Why B Tech Evening Program Is Started?

The Candidate must have a Diploma in the relevant field in which he wants to pursue B.Tech. The Diploma allows the students to directly take entry in the second year of the program in B.Tech. There is no entrance exam to take admission in the Distance B.Tech Program at Lingayas Vidyapeeth. 

Distance B.Tech Duration

As the students who are enrolled in the program have passed Diploma, so the students are directly inducted in the second semester of the technical degree program. So the whole course of the Distance B.Tech program is 3 years. The whole course of Distance B.Tech is divided into 6 semesters dedicating 6 months to each semester. The Practical and theoretical part is all covered in 3 years & as you graduate you will be equipped with industrial knowledge with high-level theory. 

Fee Structure for B. Tech. Distance Education

B.Tech distance education is more cost-effective than traditional B.Tech. The cost of Btech distance education varies depending on the institute. Fees are determined by e-learning capabilities, study materials, and other factors. The total cost of a Btech distance education course at Lingayas Vidyapeeth is Rs. 241,000.

Distance B.Tech Specialization

A bachelor’s degree in technology earned online is an undergraduate program. It is essentially an engineering curriculum in which any aspirant who wants to pursue engineering following intermediate can enroll. Distance B.Tech gives you the flexibility to complete the program at your own pace and location. It offers a wide range of specialist disciplines to choose from, as well as several jobs and career options. Top Specialization offered at Lingayas Vidyapeeth: 

Distance B.Tech Scope

Engineering’s appeal is that it can not only open doors in a variety of fields, but it can also pay well. You can acquire a Master of Technology degree by completing a master’s degree in your field of interest (M.Tech.). Many students also prefer to complete their Distance Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in India before moving on to do their Master of Science (M.Sc.) in another country.

This can bring not only good exposure but also the possibility of better opportunities. Students can also pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or apply for government jobs by taking the necessary tests.

Top Recruiters after Distance B.Tech:

  • Accenture
  • TCS
  • Infosys
  • Cognizant
  • BHEL
  • SAIL
  • Tata Motors
  • DRDO
  • Bajaj
  • ONGC
  • GAIL
  • HPCL
  • CPCL

Why BTech Distance Education

B Tech distance education has numerous advantages that are difficult to overlook. Because the UGC has declared that a Distance Learning B.Tech is equivalent to a conventional B.Tech, distance education offers numerous benefits. Here are some of the most important advantages of Distance BTech:

  • B.Tech for Everyone: Anyone interested in furthering their education and improving their skill set can pursue a B.Tech online education program. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, a working professional, or a new mother on maternity leave. All you need is a high school diploma.
  • Boost Your Skill Set: Btech remote education gives you another professional feather in your cap. Distance education in B Tech improves your skillset, knowledge, and equips you with the most up-to-date technologies to help you stay ahead in this competitive environment. B.Tech remote education programs increase your earnings and provide you with new and broader work opportunities.
  • Learn with Flexibility: Unlike traditional B. Tech, which has a rigorous class schedule, attendance, and physical presence, Btech distance education is extremely flexible. You can participate in the online class from anywhere and at any time. As a result, you may simply arrange the class times of your B Tech distance education courses in accordance with your daily responsibilities and reschedule them as needed.
  • B.Tech. at a Lower Cost: B.Tech. distant education is significantly less expensive than traditional B.Tech. The cost-effectiveness of B Tech distant education is due to the absence of classroom teaching and other administrative expenses that are associated with traditional B.Tech. This B Tech distance education is accessible to students from all walks of life.
  • Curriculum Updates: Learning at a distance Because B. Tech is designed for working professionals, the curriculum is updated on a regular basis to reflect changing industry trends. The syllabi of various schools and universities that offer Btech remote education are always being updated to reflect current market needs and trends. Also, Know about: What Is Part Time B Tech? – Guide 2022

Why is Lingayas Vidyapeeth promoting distance learning for B. Tech?

According to the Supreme Court of India, online education for B Tech is invalid. However, distance b Tech has the biggest internet search volumes, which is why Lingayas Vidyapeeth has covered. The goal of covering distance b tech is to raise awareness of its ineffectiveness, not to promote it. By no way does Lingayas Vidyapeeth advocate b tech distance education.

According to the Supreme Court of India, Distance Education for B Tech is invalid. Distance  B Tech, on the other hand, has the largest search volumes on the internet, which Lingayas Vidyapeeth has covered. The goal of covering distance b tech is to raise awareness of its ineffectiveness, not to promote it. By no means does Lingayas Vidyapeeth encourage or provide B tech distance education.


⭐Is distance B Tech approved by AICTE?

The Supreme Court of India has deemed distance Btech to be illegitimate. As a result, the AICTE has not authorized distance Btech.

⭐Can I do B Tech through distance education which is approved for a job?

No, the Supreme Court and the AICTE in India have deemed a Btech obtained through distance education to be illegitimate. As a result, you will not be able to obtain a Btech degree through distance education that is recognized by employers.

⭐What is the estimated fee for studying Distance BTech in Lingayas Vidyapeeth?

The fee for Btech distance education at Lingayas Vidyapeeth is Rs. 2,41000.

Lingayas Vidyapeeth

The Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth has been accredited by NAAC and offers UGC, AICTE approved B tech, to working professionals and diploma and m tech for working professionals through its special weekend classes.

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