What Is a B Tech Evening Course? – Ultimate Guide 2022

What is B.Tech Evening

The B Tech Evening Curriculum is a full-time B Tech programme that combines theory and practice. Every term is the same as if you were a typical B Tech student. Keeping these key facts in mind, the AICTE has issued a new notice that makes all B.Tech programmes the same, regardless of how or when they are pursued. Thus, regardless of the style of study, B.Tech Evening has the same value. This paved the door for Btech Evening students to be treated the same as regular B Tech students.

The Supreme Court of India has ruled distance learning B Tech to be invalid. The Supreme Court’s ruling declared all distance BTech courses of all specialities null and invalid, reducing every distance Btech degree to a piece of paper. So, if you’re considering Distance BTech, you’ll be wasting your money and time, and you’ll finish up with both hands empty.

The Supreme Court of India and the AICTE declared Distance BTech invalid, thus closing the door to working professionals and individuals seeking to improve their degrees.

However, in order to address the issue of distance/correspondence/online education, the AICTE created provisions for B.Tech. The AICTE established the BTech Evening course, which will serve as a programme for working professionals because courses are held in the evening.

Working professionals were allowed to continue their education and work at the same time through the B Tech Evening programmes, which were offered in the evening. In terms of curriculum, subjects, practicals, and faculty, this Btech Evening programme was identical to conventional B Tech programmes.

So if you need to seek B.Tech after 10+2 or after Recognition in any specialization, but your time plan doesn’t permit you to go for standard B Tech, you must go for B Tech Evening. BTech Evening which is a presently AICTE approved course is the concept of the foreign developed countries. In nations like Australia, Canada these BTech Evening courses are very prevalent.

B Tech Evening makes a student monetarily independent and seeks after their studies alongside their earnings. B Tech Evening includes a lot of prospects to offer to an understudy who is seeking after it. We’ll tell each detail around the Btech Evening course and will direct you through to each credible detail simply ought to know almost B.Tech Evening.

Duration of B Tech Evening Courses

BTech Evening is the same as for Regular B Tech, with the exception of class timings, as we indicated at the start. As a consequence, the features of BTech Evening will be the same as those of normal Btech.

BTech Evening is a three-year, six-semester programme. Every semester is six months long and contains both theory and practical courses in your field of study.

 B Tech Evening Course Highlight

  • B Tech evening programmes are designed specifically for working people who are unable to attend normal B Tech classes.
  • The course will last three years,s, unlike the standard 4-year course.
  • BTech Evening follows the same syllabus and programme as regular BTech.
  • AICTE has approved BTech Evening. Also, the university is approved by UGC and NAAC. 
  • Mechanical, Civil, Electronics and Communication, Computer Science, and Automobile Engineering are some of the specializations available in the BTech Evening programme.

Eligibility Criteria for B Tech Evening

BTech Evening programmes are open to students who have earned a three-year diploma in the relevant subject. To be eligible for the programme, students must have received a minimum of 50% in their diploma.

What is the B.Tech Evening  Admissions Process?

BTech Evening admissions to engineering institutions are also based on the Diploma and the minimum number of points earned in it. Candidates must have earned a three-year full-time (regular) engineering diploma to be considered for BTech Evening admissions.

To be considered for BTech Evening admissions, students must have obtained a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in a 3-year diploma (Engineering – any stream) after clearing the Class 10 board exam.

  • Fill out the application form on the official website and get your registration number.
  • Please submit all needed documents.
  • Make a payment and get your admission number.
  • Your LMS login id and password will be sent to you.

Evening Specialization in B Tech

BTech evening has many of the same specializations as regular BTech. The following are some of the top branches:

  • Mechanical Engineering: The branch of engineering that deals with machines. This includes the machine’s design, manufacture, operation, development, maintenance, and research.
  • Computer Science Engineering: The area of engineering that works with computers. Coding, analysing and designing computer software and hardware are all part of this.
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering: The study of semiconductors and semiconductor-based technologies. Electronics and Communication Engineering is the area of engineering that studies, designs, and develops semiconductors and semiconductor-related devices.
  • Civil Engineering: The branch of engineering that deals with the analysis of all infrastructure development. Infrastructures such as roads, buildings, and other structures are studied, analysed, and designed in this discipline.
  • Mechanical and Automobile Engineering: The study of automobile design, production, development, and research are known as mechanical and automobile engineering.

B Tech Evening Syllabus

Regardless of branch, every specialisation has the same curriculum. From the second year onwards, the syllabus begins to alter. As you are aware, the BTech for Diploma Holders is held in the evening, therefore you will be admitted immediately to the second year.

Students in the B.Tech programme are exposed to actual problem-solving strategies as well as academic research to back up their claims. The programme provides a fundamental grasp of engineering principles and basic communication courses throughout the first semesters. According to the specialisation they’ve chosen, the course format varies from the third semester to the sixth semester.

Subjects for B.Tech

Fundamental engineering ideas are integrated with particular fields of study in the B.Tech specialization. The goal of the course is for graduates to be able to apply engineering ideas to produce technically sound solutions in any specialised sector while also increasing productivity. The course format includes laboratory sessions, internships, and project-based courses in addition to theory-based study. Students can choose optional topics depending on their interests in the domain and career goals under the choice-based credit system.

Career After BTech Evening

According to the latest announcement from the AICTE, every Btech course has the same value. As a Btech degree is a degree of flexibility, the employment options after finishing Btech Evening are various. Let’s have a look at what you can do with a B Tech evening degree:

Jobs in top private firms: A pass out student can work for top private firms that hire engineers after completing the BTech Evening. Engineers’ job profiles in various divisions and specialities are examples of the changes that may be obtained after working for a top private business. Engineering graduates are hired by companies like TATA, Reliance, Honda, Hero, Maruti, Wipro, and L&T.

Engineer Jobs in the Government Sector: Various government ministries, including Electricity Boards, PWD, CPWD, Indian Railways, and others, post vacancies for engineers.

Engineers of various specializations are needed by Public Sector Units like NTPC, ONGC, BHEL, and others. As a result, there is a significant need for engineers in these areas, and Btech Evening students will have a bright future.

Additionally, after graduating from Btech Evening, students can continue higher education programmes such as Mtech and MBA, depending on their needs and desires.


⭐Who can take admissions in BTech Evening?

Diploma Holder with a minimum of 50% marks is eligible to take admission in the BTech Evening Course. 

⭐Is BTech Evening a Valid Course? 

Yes, B Tech Evening is an approved course since it provides a face-to-face teaching mode, and it follows the AICTE standards.

⭐What is the Duration of the BTech Evening Course?

BTech Evening Course is a 3-year course that is spread over 6 semesters. 

⭐What are the jobs available after B Tech evening?

The jobs after Btech Evening are Engineers in various fields and specializations. Students after completing the course can apply in private, government and Public Sectors.

Lingayas Vidyapeeth

The Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth has been accredited by NAAC and offers UGC, AICTE approved B tech, to working professionals and diploma and m tech for working professionals through its special weekend classes.

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